pirmdiena, 2010. gada 22. marts

Liberation Of France Forges On 1944/7/18

 "Independence Day in Europe - In France, General Eisenhower observes General Bradley fire a giant howitzer which signals our massed artillery into a massed cresendo of fire. Behind the lines, the French string 'Welcome' signs all over, improvise American flags, and a choral group of French children sing 'America.' They love our mow-oon-tains. Canadians Advance - After a well earned rest, following the landing battles in Normandy, the Canadians return to the thick of the fighting at Cariquet. So severe is the fighting that some of the Canadian camera crew were killed while filming these shots. In their sector, the Yanks are blazing through the hedge rows with grenade guns. In Rome - Old Glory is raised at the Piazza Venezia, near the Victor Emanuel Memorial, scene of Nazi retreats." (partial newsreel)

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